High-Precision CCPS

SMART Ultra Stabile CCPS

CCPS(Capacitor Charging Power Supply) can be used by a charging power supply of pulse modulator using the electron beam of linear accelerator of RF amplification tube power supported by Pohang Accelerator Laboratory. The stability of the modulator pulse voltage used here requires a high accuracy of the stability in the level section. High-precision power for the fourth generation radiation is known to require the power specifications for the stability of the output voltage (≤ 0.01%) and high efficiency (> 85%). A high-precision power supply as this specification in conjunction with the high precision control (SMART MC) is possible to control each pulse unit of digital charge.
Parameter Unit Value
Input Voltage VAC 3Φ480
IInput power kva 6
Power factor >0.8
Output voltage kv 50
Average output power kW 5
Peak changing rate kJ/sec 6.25
Average output current A 0.2
Cooling Forced air
Maximum operating temperature 60
Controlled Output stability PPM 15