Project Undergoing

1. High voltage power supply for 4th generation synchrotron accelerators
Specification : 50kV/120KW , 10PPM

High-precision high voltage power supply controller for fourth-generation accelerator
Ultra-precision high voltage power supplies for 4G Accelerator

2. DC charging electrostatic precipitator for Metro and Tunnel
- Specification :20KV/200mA, 11KV/150mA
- Installed in a tunnel of more than 2 km of Seoul Subway and Korea Expressway Corporation.

DC charging electrostatic precipitator power supply for Metro City
DC charging electrostatic precipitator power supply for tunnel

3. Power supply for silicon nanopowder production
- Specification :25KV/25KW
- For making nano powder.

DC charging electrostatic precipitator power supply for Metro City

4. PULSE power supply for plasma doping

Power supply for plasma doping
Modulator modulator for plasma doping

5. Desulfurization / denitrification plasma removal system (MPC)
- technical overview : High voltage separation of Soxx, Noxx from the generation process in Fossil fuels-based power plants, sinter plants, office waste incinerator and others..
- Specification : 25KV/120KW/300Hz

Power supply for plasma desulfurization / denitrification removal system

6. PULSE Power Supply
Specification : 50KV/200Hz

Initial power supply for EPM generation

7. Mist cooler high voltage power supply
Specification :35V/100mA

High Voltage Power Supply for Mist cooler

8. Development of power supply technology for power semiconductor and high-voltage pulse for medical electron gun accelerator