Company Achievements

NO.1 POSTECH 150MW Modulator Power Supply
NO.2 POSTECH 4th Generation High-Precision Beam Power Supply
NO.3 Low-temperature based Pulse plasma Desulfurization Denitrification (SOxx, NOxx) Power Supply
NO.4 100kV Capacitor Charging Power Supply (National Defense Research Institute)
NO.5 Plasma Power Supply for Semiconductor Wafer Ion Implantation
NO.6 High-Voltage Power Supply Delivery for POSCO CGL Cold-Rolled Steel Line Mist Cooler
NO.7 POSCO Sinter Plant Electrostatic m-Pulse Charging Power Supply (MPS)
NO.7 Power Supply Delivery for KAPRA L-band Accelerator Modulator (50kv/240kw x2)
NO.8 Development of Power Supply Delivery for Plasma Doping (Hynix , APTC)
NO.9 Production of 4th Generation Synchrotron Radiation Modulator CCPS
NO.10 High Precision Power Supply for THz XFEL Modulator (Accelerator Laboratory)
NO.11 80kv E-Gun Pulse Power Supply (KAPRA)
NO.12 Delivery of 50kV/8kW CCPS (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute(KERI), Electric Propulsion Research Division)
NO.13 Power Supply Delivery for 100kv Pulse (LIG NEX1)
NO.14 Power Supply Delivery for EMP 50KV Pulse (Korea Explosives Group)
NO.15 Pulse Power Supply for 60kv ion Source (Proton Accelerator)
NO.16 Power Supply Delivery for 10kv~50kv Electrostatic Precipitator (KC Cottrell, NWL Pacific)
NO.17 EMP Pulse Power Supply for 800kv/100Hz Mounting (KC Cottrell, NWL PacificAgency for Defense Development(ADD))
NO.18 100 SET-precision high voltage power supply for 3th Generation Synchrotron Radiation Accelerator Contract (Accelerator Laboratory)