Application of power supply

Convent interface

- Pulse power circuit is made simply because switching signal of PFN circuit is made by only external trigger signal after CCPS command voltage charging.



SMART Ultra stable CCPS For X-FEL in POHANG

CCPS(Capacitor Charging Power Supply) can be used as an charging power supply of a pulse modulator which is a power of RF amplifier of linear accelerator at Pohang Linear Accelerator. The pulse voltage of this modulator requires high-precision stability at plat top. The high-precision power for 4th generation PAL-XFEL facility is known for requiring the stability of output voltage(≤ 50 ppm) and high efficiency >90%. The smart CCPS, as an ultra stable charging power supply, satisfies all this specification, and can control charging of each pulse unit.

50kV/120kW Ultra stable CCPS Configuration(PO HANG X-FEL)

Power supply Configuration and output pulse voltage